Product Description

This security-service system is specially designed to protect your motorhome. The system provides reliable security of a cabin and living module due to an optimal set of special wireless sensors: motion, tilt, opening sensors and an innovative radar-based intruder detector.

Special “Stay Home” mode protects the living accommodation and luggage compartments when owners are inside the motorhome, at night.

A high contrast OLED display, LED status indicator, sound and vibro-notications, built-in USB port, protected BT 5 interface, integrated Li-Po battery and control buttons provide maximum ergonomics and easy operation of the system and vehicle.

Product Description

Stay home: Protects the living accommodation and luggage compartments even when owners are inside the motorhome.

GSM Control: Remote control and monitoring of your motorhome at any distance.

Ability for Distant Engine Start: Remote and automatic starts for heating an engine, heating/cooling interior and charging a battery (optional).

GNSS Locator: A global network of 117+ satellites tracking your vehicle with the most accurate position.

Trip tracking: Record your journey and monitor all your trip history in web-server for free.

Low Consumption:  Low power consumption, less than 15 mA, in full-active mode, with active GPRS-session, Bluetooth, shock/motion/tilt sensors and all necessary interfaces.

Anti-Jammer Function: Pandora Camp has an extra protection shield for the ultimate safety of your vehicle. When “Active Protection” is enabled, Pandora’s alarm system is in constant communication with the company’s internet servers to control real-time GSM / GNSS signals.

Thus, even if the aspiring thieves try to use special equipment to block the GSM or GNSS signal, with jammer devices, by cutting each alert communication, Pandora’s SERVER recognizes it and informs the owner via Notification Push and E-mail.

Anti-hijack Function: Cancels any attemp of hijacking. When the owners step off the vehicle and the camper is driven from somebody else,Camper Mini locks the engine after a while, when the owners are in a safe distance.

System set

  • 1x User manual and wiring diagram
  • 1x Remote control D-030
  • 1x Radio tag BT-760
  • 1x Owner’s personal card with Master-PIN code
  • 1x Base unit DXL 5300EVO
  • 1x External LED/VALET button
  • 1x Beeper
  • 2x Wireless door sensor DMS-100 BT WHITE  (possibility of adding another 8 pcs) *
  • 1x Siren PS-330
  • 1x Main cable of the base unit
  • 1x Additional cable of the base unit
  • 1x External temperature sensor
  • 1x Blocking relay
  • 2x Magnetic reed sensor 2x
  • 1x Fastening kit

Pandora Camper Mini Made in Russia

Security Notifications 

With Pandora CAMPER MINI you can protect the following independent zones by receiving the relevant notifications on your mobile phone or from Pandora’s website:

  • Interior temperature (status)
  • Engine temperature (status)
  • Outside sensor (status)
  • Voltage of the on-board circuits (status)
  • Engine operation control – RPM (status)
  • Heater operating control (status)
  • Fuel level (status)
  • Parking (automatic gearbox) /Handbrake (manual gearbox) status
  • “Parking light is not turned off” notification (status)
  • Shock sensor (security zone – alarm and warning level)

Security zones

  • Motion sensor (security zone – alarm level)
  • Tilt sensor (security zone – alarm level)
  • OE alarm system status via CAN, additional sensor (status, security zone – alarm and warning level)
  • Turning ignition on (status, security zone – alarm level)
  • Opening doors (status, security zone – alarm level)
  • Opening a trunk (status, security zone – alarm level)
  • Opening a hood (status, security zone – alarm level)
  • Pressing brake (status, security zone – alarm level)

More specifications

  • Pin code security
  • Bluetooth 5 communication
  • LBS ground detection for a vehicle in a garage or an underground parking withouth GNSS signal
  • Abilitiy for Remote start & Auto start mode
  • Full control of the vehicle’s Can-Bus from the alarm
  • Ability to add Propane, Co2 or sleeping gas sensors
  • Digital sensors DMS-100BT detecting, touch, motion and temperature instead of analog
  • Digital Immobilizer
  • Bluetooth control with LCD screen D-030 Camper
  • Siren Pandora PS-330
  • Communication, detection and signal control via
  • Mobile app Pandora Connect
  • Accident signaling
  • Integrated 4G LTE / GSM modem
  • Extremely low battery consumption


Retail Price: €939

Product Specs

Control the system from your phone using DTMF commands for:
>> Enable engine blocking
>> Proximity sensor
>> Garage mode
>> Towing condition change
>> Bluetooth Tags ON/OFF

No distance between you and your motorhome, all of the triggered shock sensor notification, tilt and movement come to your mobile phone instantly. A global network of 117+ satellites tracking your vehicle with the most accurate position and allows you to quickly determine the coordinates of the car.

Synchronize time and date. All events are stored in a history with coordinates. Tracking function while driving. You can at any time get a detailed report on the mileage, travel time, average and maximum speed, with tracks on the map in a convenient, visual representation.

Moving with the remote tag away from the motorhome the system will be armed automatically. When you get back and moving with the remote tag toward to the motorhome the system will be disarmed automatically.

Allows you to remotely and automatically start the engine using your phone or the remote, while reliably monitoring the condition of the car. May need optional module.

It is possible to configure and customize the system to authorized installers via a computer.

Wireless protection: Wireless technology gives the freedom to place individual peripheral units in the most hidden points.

Prohibition disarming: The system will not disarm without the presence of the owners. Even if the thieves has steal the codes of original remote control Pandora will protect your motorhome.

Anti-Jammer mode: “Active Protection” provides continuous communication with the company’s internet servers in order to control real-time GSM / GPS signals.

Immobilizer mode: Immobilizer mode prevents the engine from starting without the presence of Tag.

Anti-hijack mode: AntiHiJack prevents the force stealing of the vehicle even when the engine is running.

Accelerator digital sensor: Integrated digital acceleration sensor for motion
and vibration recognition.

The system is equipped with a Bluetooth-interface 5 LTE that allows you to connect additional modules, radio relays, radio tags, greatly expanding the functionality of the system.

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